Fine Art Restoration

Fine Art Repair and Restoration

Our experienced restorers focus on major disasters such as fires and floods. We can quickly inspect damaged artworks, repair them and restore them to their pre-loss state. After floods, fires or other natural disasters, CORE Group can take immediate actions to prevent any more damage from occurring. Our specialists are trained in the use of patented cleaning methods and provide safe and effective solutions for all fine art restoration tasks. Businesses and homeowners can rest assured that CORE Group will repair any damaged fine art.

In the event of a disaster, CORE Group will organize on-site visits to measure the damage, pack the damaged fine art and transport them safely to our recovery center. After the items are restored to their pre-loss condition, we are happy to store them in our warehouse until the owner of the fine art is ready to return them. Our teams have many years of disaster relief experience and have conducted extensive continuous training in art restoration techniques. All content is removed and transported by well-trained art workers to ensure protection during the packaging process. CORE Group strives to make the entire process as smooth as possible for all participants.


We pride ourselves on providing services in fine art restoration to:
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Taxidermy
  • Heirlooms
  • Cultural relics
  • Souvenirs
  • Mosaics
  • Antiques

From cleaning the surface of soot paintings to repairing torn canvases, broken frames and ceramics, we believe that our specialists can repair damaged artworks at the lowest cost. CORE specialists can help you with all aspects of art insurance, regardless of whether your artwork is included by an art insurance policy or as part of your home or tenant insurance. If possible, we will assist in preparing your claim and begin restoration. We help countless homeowners with the difficult task of applying for insurance for damaged artworks, many of whom do not know that their artworks are insured. We have many years of experience and can help individuals, institutions and corporate clients repair, restore and maintain large and small art collections.

Our restoration experts are always ready to serve people nationwide. Our experienced team specialize in three types of disasters: fire, water, and vandalism. We can quickly assess, repair damaged artworks and collectibles and restore them to their previously lost state. If floods, fires, vandalism or other natural disasters occur, CORE can take immediate action to correct most of the damage, safe and effective solutions. Our restorers are trained to perform all types of artistic restoration work using proven methods.

Fine Art Damaged By Water

If artwork goes untreated, water damage can be a fertile petri dish for mold and other toxins. Expert treatment of art is essential because most materials will become weak when wet. If left untreated, mold and toxins will get worse over time.


Fine Art Damaged By Fire or Smoke

Damage caused by smoke and soot must be repaired in a prompt manner. The soot from a fire or chimney should be inspected and processed by professional restorers, who will determine the best way to clean and repair the paintings and other artworks damaged by the smoke without causing further damage. The correct handling and cleaning of the artwork helps to prevent no further damage. For example, if it is not properly cleaned, soot from a fire or chimney can penetrate deeply into the artwork. CORE has the expertise to repair paint and other items damaged by soot and smoke.

It is believed that CORE can restore the damaged artwork to its pre-loss state-from cleaning the soot on the surface of the painting to repairing the broken canvas. After a natural or man-made disaster, everything seems unstoppable. Homeowners can rely on CORE to provide disaster recovery services that damage artwork, cultural relics, antiques, and collectibles. In the event of a natural disaster, CORE will immediately organize on-site visits to assess the damage, carefully package the affected items and safely transport them to our repair center. Once our work is completed and the items are restored to the state they were in before they were lost, we will be happy to store them in our warehouse until the owner, company or institution is ready to return them. We have experience in handling and transporting large artworks, frames and furniture, as well as receiving and transporting them to remote or unusual locations. We can also provide additional shipping options for national shipping, and create customized storage solutions to ensure the safety of your artworks. Our craftsmen and transportation vehicles are fully insured, and all our artworks are insured with transportation insurance. We believe this is an important part of restoration and protection services to ensure that your artworks are picked up and delivered in the safest way. If you need short-term or long-term safe storage between receipt and delivery, we can also guarantee this.

Our comprehensive disaster recovery solution is not the only factor that sets us apart from other art restoration companies. Our team has many years of experience in extensive continuous training in emergency assistance and artistic restoration techniques. Every CORE site strives to make the entire process as simple as possible for all participants. If your artwork, picture frames, valuable documents, antiques or other items are damaged by water, fire or accidents, please call our toll-free number. Art protection and restoration is a highly specialized field, and most flood insurance companies are not qualified to handle and clean art and antiques. Our specialists have a rapid response to take immediate action so they can prevent further damage and restore your valuable property.

What really sets us apart is our personal care and attention to each project. Our specialists have many years of experience in their respective fields. Whether we work for a personal heirloom restoration or a large company, we will hire a well-trained restorer to supervise every step and ensure that our studios always get the best results. In the event of an accident, disaster, unexpected fire or flood, our team will respond immediately to restore order, reduce recovery costs, and minimize the pressure of the situation.